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be healthy

At Sol, we don’t focus on sickness and disease.

We focus on keeping the body healthy and strong, so your child can enjoy their favorite activities even more.

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Meet Dr. David
A big part of what I do is listening. Once I’ve heard your story, I come up with an individualized treatment plan to best suit your individual needs. I have an extensive background in sports related injuries, both first-hand and clinically, so I have a strong rehabilitation aspect to my practice.
Sports Physicals

Did you know that chiropractors can perform pre-participation sports physicals in the state of Oregon? We are not only trained to detect muscle, joint or nerve issues; we know how to listen to your heart and lungs!

The physical also includes measuring your height, weight, blood pressure and range of motion, as well as performing abdominal and eye exams.

Pre-participation sports physicals are important because they screen for potential risk factors, evaluate any pre-existing conditions and assess the overall health of the patient.

Minimize injuries.
Optimized health.
Balanced body.



Female bones continue to grow until age 18 and males until about age 21.


Untreated Injuries

Untreated childhood injuries can lead to dysfunction and pain later in life.


Consistent Care

Teens who participate in sports can perform better and feel better with consistent                                            chiropractic care.

Why Teens Need Chiropractic Care
While everyone benefits from chiropractic care, teens have three specific reasons to see a chiropractor
    • Sports: Teens who participate in sports, from football to cross-country, can perform better and feel better with consistent chiropractic care. In addition to adjustments, recommended exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility and range of motion will help prevent injuries.
    • Poor Posture: Teens hear, “Sit up straight,” almost as much as, “Clean your room.” They may not see the harm in their slouch now, but they will definitely feel it in the years to come. Chiropractic adjustments help teens’ bodies realign and experience better posture.
    • Heavy Lifting: The backpacks kids carry seem to get heavier every year. While there’s not much we can due to lessen the load, we can help our teens prevent back injury with regular chiropractic adjustments.


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