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Sol Chiropractic caters to junior athletes ages 8 and up.  Kids and teens are not miniature grown-ups: A child’s body is structurally very different from an adult’s. Female bones continue to grow until age 18 and males until about age 21. Dr. David has years of experience working with children and teens, as well as extensive training in sports chiropractic and sports related injuries.

From learning to walk to walking across the stage at high school graduation, the body takes a beating. Untreated childhood injuries can lead to dysfunction and pain later in life. If your child is complaining of aches and pains or just seems “off,” don’t ignore it. Pain can show up as disrupted sleep, mood swings and lack of energy. When the body doesn’t feel good physically, every aspect of life is affected.

We love working with clients who believe in a holistic, whole body approach to health. We strive to keep the body functioning at 100% so that it’s less susceptible to injuries. We want your kids to live and grow in bodies that are balanced and can perform at their fullest potential.

What Can I Expect?

Chiropractic is much
more than “cracking backs.”
Treatment may include:

    • joint manipulations as well as recommendations for exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility and range of motion.
    • a series of adjustments for injuries that affect the nervous system, spinal system or joints.
    • leading-edge therapeutic approaches to resolve adhesions in muscles and connective tissue, such as elastic taping and the Graston Technique™.

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Not sure if Chiropractic care is right for your child? Let's talk!  I offer a free phone consultation so you can have your questions and concerns addressed before you schedule an appointment.

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